Coyote Information



The City of Macedonia always tries to respond to citizen concerns after it has researched the issue with an appropriate action plan.

Coyote’s mating season is from January to March with the peak in February.  At this time, coyotes cover a lot of ground in search of the right mate.  All this searching requires more calories than usual thereby requiring more food.  In addition, males can be very aggressive during this time.  The reports we have from our residents specify one coyote (the alpha male) as the aggressor in these encounters.  Once the mating season ends the gestation period for coyotes is 60 days.  Usually sometime in April a female coyote will have 4 to 9 pups.  Once again, the coyotes become more aggressive and the need for calories increases to wean the pups.  It is during the mating season and after the birth of the new pups that the encountering of coyotes is more prevalent.

The City highly recommends citizens use hazing methods to deter coyotes.  Hazing is a method that makes use of deterrents to move an animal out of an area or discourage an undesirable behavior or activity.  Hazing can help maintain a coyote’s fear of humans and deter them from backyards and play spaces.  There are many websites that outline hazing methods for coyotes.  In addition, changing your routine will prevent coyotes from patterning your behavior and waiting for “Fido” when you let him out every night at 9:00.  And lastly, by eliminating the food that attracts birds, rodents and small animals lessens the reason for coyotes to be in your yard.

The City also allows bow hunters to harvest deer in certain areas of the City.  Those hunters are aware there is no closed season on coyotes and are encouraged to take coyotes while hunting in Macedonia.

Lastly, we believe one alpha male coyote is responsible for the attacks on several pets in Macedonia and this animal has lost its fear of humans.  Once an animal reaches this point it cannot be retrained to fear humans again and must be eliminated.  This behavior is not limited to coyotes but displayed in several different species of wild animals such as bears, elk and moose.  We are attempting to find and eliminate this coyote from our area. One of the means is by way of live trapping.

In closing, coyotes have been a part of this area for many years and will continue to have a presence.  It’s our responsibility to learn ways to live with coyotes and prevent harmful coyote and human encounters.


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