Voting/Board of Elections

Summit County Board of Elections. Work The Polls. Serve your community. Every Election Day, thousands of Ohioans contribute to their communities by helping to operate polling places. Ohio’s precinct election officials help safeguard our election process. Many precinct election officials find their experience rewarding and return to serve year after year. BOARD OF ELECTIONS (click here) for Voter Polling location information.

Voting Precincts and Locations

Area polling locations for the City of Macedonia. Voting precincts changed from 10 precincts to 6…please see your location:

Precincts A and B: United Methodist Church of Macedonia, 1280 E. Aurora Road

Precincts C and E: Macedonia Family Recreation Center, 1494 E. Aurora Road

Precincts D and F: Summit Masonic Lodge, 955 Shepard Road