Welcome to the City of Macedonia,

On behalf of the Nordonia Hills Chamber of Commerce and Macedonia City Council, I would like to warmly welcome you to the City of Macedonia.

The services offered and delivered by our City are second to none as we continually strive to maintain a harmonious relationship with our residents and business community alike.

This Administration is proud to say over the last seven years we have made major infrastructure improvements by investing over $32 million on road projects with the assistance of Federal, State and local funding efforts. Currently, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is investing $91 million on our local State Route 8. Investments such these are indicative of Macedonia’s future growth.

The City of Macedonia is ranked 20th as Northeast Ohio’s most affluent communities with an average median household income of $81,000 with a median owner-occupied housing value of $190,000.

We offer a variety of restaurants, great services to our residents and businesses, low taxes, and an impressive school system that has earned the ranking of ‘excellent with distinction’.

This administration is strongly committed to the success of Macedonia and support any business or family that calls Macedonia their ‘home’.

Mayor Don Kuchta
City of Macedonia

Economic Development
Safety Director

Diana L. Augustine
Executive Assistant

City Fact Sheet

Mayor’s Report

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Tax Rate:
Effective January 1, 2011 the municipal income tax rate for the City of Macedonia and the Macedonia/Northfield Center Township JEDD will be 2.25% (as approved by voters in the November 2010 election). This tax will be imposed on all employees (residents and non-resident) working within the City of Macedonia.  The tax credit for resident tax purposes will remain at 100% up to the credit limit of 2.00% for residents that are employed outside the city of Macedonia.
2010 Census Figures Show Macedonia Up
2010 Census figures show Macedonia up 21.3%, from 2000 census:
2000 Census: 9,224 residents
2010 Census: 11,188 residents (change: 1,964)
Civil Service Position