Macedonia History

In the early 1800’s a young man named Henry Woods came across a stream he named Indian Run. Some years later, a man named Abraham Cranmer from Northfield purchased 90 acres of property near Indian Run at the intersection of Jenkins and N. Bedford Roads. This is where he built his home in 1824, the first log house in this new settlement.

Soon other people moved to this new settlement known as “The Corners”. A log school house was built in 1833, a frame church in 1835, and there was an Inn for weary travelers on the stage coach line from Pittsburgh to Cleveland.

In the early years of this new settlement, young theology students from Western Reserve College in Hudson were asked to come to “The Corner” to preach on Sundays at the Free Will Baptist Church. Within their own little circle these theologians began using the biblical passage, “Come over into Macedonia and help us”, when referring to their Sunday preaching visit. Either by accident or by divine intervention, the little settlement at “The Corners” became permanently know as Macedonia.

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