Congratulations Business of the Month…Long Tail Knits


Congratulations Business of the Month …
Long Tail Knits located at 9838 Valley View Road
Written by Owner, Jeanine Hausch

It started with a dream…an idea to take a hobby and turn it into a business, a place where I can help others. The following mission statement says it best:

“To create an environment where knitting, crocheting and other related arts can be developed, nurtured and appreciated in the fiber arts community by providing materials, skills and confidence to our customers so they can attain their individual personal goals.”

Long Tail Knits has become just that, and a whole lot more. In the spring of 2015 I started to think about opening my own shop. With my background in a manufacturing facility where I had access to all facets of managing a company, I had the experience and people skills to start my own business. I knew what I wanted and it took a while to find the right place and location. It had to be local to accommodate the knitting group that I belonged to. I asked them what they would like to see in a local yarn shop. Some were things I hadn’t thought of and others, well, maybe later they will come into play at the store.

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