Congratulations Employee of the Month…Mark Robertson


Congratulations Employee of the Month…Mark Robertson, Service Dept.

Mark began his employ as a temporary part-time seasonal building maintenance employee for the City of Macedonia in 2012.  He recently was made permanent part-time in January of 2015 as our Assistant Custodian/Facilities Maintenance.

Mark considers himself to be ‘Dino’s helper’.  Dino Moretto is our full time Maintenance/Vehicle Supervisor.  Mark was previously employed with the City of Stow and the Hudson school district so he has plenty of ‘field experience’.

Mark attributes his maintenance interests to his Dad.   His father always tinkered with electronics, repaired radios during the Depression and was involved in the WPA government work program. The WPA program was instituted in 1935 and was an effort that actually stimulated private business during the Depression years.  A famous quote from that era was: “Give a man a job and you save both body and spirit.”

Mark is in charge of custodian maintenance of our city buildings.  He assists in routine building maintenance, grounds maintenance works on repairing minor electrical, plumbing, and HVAC issues as well as painting, carpet cleaning, and snow removal, to name a few!   Our aging buildings at times can be a challenge.  Mark stated the best part of his job are the people and keeping our buildings in good shape.

Currently Mark resides in Cuyahoga Falls with his wife, Jamie.  He has been happily married for 34 years.  They have two children, ages 25 and 28.  Family also includes taking care of two adorable shih tzu’s!  Mark enjoys playing the guitar in his spare time for almost 40 years now.  He and his wife enjoy taking cruise vacations.  They have traveled from Florida out to the Bahamas, Cozumel and Grand Caymen.  His future trip includes a cruise trip to the Virgin Islands.

We appreciate Mark in keeping our buildings safe, clean and in working order!


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