Congratulations Employee of the Month…Bob Roloff


Congratulations Employee of the Month…Bob Roloff, Service Department Mechanic

Bob began his employ with the City of Macedonia 27 years ago in December of 1989 as a full-time Service Department mechanic.
Bob maintains mechanically the City’s 100+ fleet of equipment. Some of Bob’s duties include: preventative maintenance to major repairs such as CAB replacements, engine replacements, leaf machine maintenance, snow plow maintenance, gradall machine maintenance (machine used for redefining ditches, replacing culverts, and general storm water maintenance). Bob indicated most of the equipment he works on has gone beyond its life expectancy. Thus, at times a challenging effort. Bob also services our community as one of our snow-plow drivers in our winter season.
Bob is proud to say his parents taught him how to be responsible at a young age. His parents said if he wanted a car he needed to pay for his own insurance and had to put gas in it. In order to afford to do that, Bob learned quick he needed to learn a trade. It came only natural to him then to fix cars to earn money.
Bob celebrated his 31st wedding anniversary on November 16th. Congratulations! Bob is the proud owner of three horses. ‘Butch’, a half-blind horse from Happy Trails whom he had been fostering has recently adopted him; a 7-yr old black horse named ‘Rocky’; and a 20-year old horse ‘Alyssa’. Bob stated any horse, with proper care, can live up to an average of 30 to 40 years of age!
Congratulations Bob on your nomination for our December Employee of the Month and thank you for your dedication and service to our community.


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