Congratulations Employee of the Month…Dispatcher Karen Nelson


Congratulations Employee of the Month…Dispatcher Karen Nelson

Karen Nelson is one of seven Full-time Dispatchers servicing our communities.  She began her employ with the City of Macedonia in July 2011.  Karen works five 8-hour shifts; 3 days from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 2 afternoon shifts 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.  Prior Karen worked for 1 ½ years as the City of Brunswick’s part-time dispatcher.   It is prudent to mention Karen’s Father was a Cleveland Mounted Patrol Officer.

When asked what do you like most about your job?  Karen responded; “I like the feeling that I am helping people.  Often times it is the worst moments of their life.   You have to remain calm, reassuring the caller that help is on the way.   I really am blessed to come to work every day, I love the people I work with and the job I have.”

Karen is Brunswick’s Animal Control Officer on the weekends where she resides.  She stated it is a ‘no kill shelter’.  They try to find homes for the animals that are found through adoption.   It has been a part of Karen’s life supporting the City in this regard for the past 9 years.

Karen has three grandchildren ages 7, 5 and 2 ½.  Her daughter lives close by so she is able to enjoy them on a regular basis; they consume most of her spare time.  But stated, she “would have it no other way!”

Karen takes care of Grant (her 7-year old grandson) 10-month old adopted dog named ‘Brody’.  Brody holds a very unique and special place in their family’s heart.  Karen’s daughter and her family live with and take care of Karen’s mother.  It is comforting for Karen to know she lives only a mile away and is surrounded by love and family!  I would say Karen and her family are passionate about care-taking.

Dispatching, I believe is a ‘calling’, and so we are grateful for Karen and all our Dispatchers that play an integral part of our City’s ‘First Responders’.


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