Congratulations Employee of the Month…Michael Plesz


Congratulations Michael Plesz – Police Patrolman

Patrolman Michael Plesz began his full-time employment with the City of Macedonia in 2012. Previously he worked at the Boston Heights police department. He is a graduate of the Akron University Police Academy. Michael’s older brother also went through the Academy; both graduating and at the same time. He has two older siblings and his parents reside in the area.

Patrolman Plesz is assigned the night shift in Macedonia. Michael stated he deals with a lot more OVI and Drug interdiction during his shift. What Michael likes most about his job “he loves the guys he works with”.

Michael’s leisure time is spent skydiving. The certification he has acquired allows him to jump in any state without requiring an accompaniment. The small planes elevate to approximately 13-14,000 feet when he parachutes out. Michael packs his own parachute and is checked by an FAA licensed person. When asked why skydiving? He stated, “he was just always interested in it, it is very exhilarating”. Michael’s other interest lies in enjoying the outdoors while riding his Ducati motorcycle sport bike.

We thank Patrolman Plesz for his dedication and his passion to keep crime down and protecting our Great Community.


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