Congratulations Employee of the Month…Patrolman Jason Hetrick


Patrolman Hetrick began his employ with the City of Macedonia in June 2008.  Prior he was a Patrolman in Cleveland Heights for 6 years receiving his certification from the Cleveland Heights Police Academy.  Jason has served our country in the United States Armed Forces for four (4) years at Fort Benning.

Jason has been married 3 years to his beautiful wife, Kamea.  They have identical twin boys, Elias and Jaxson, who just turned two on Aug. 21st .  Jason’s wife is a Part-time Policewoman for Glenwillow and RTA.

Jason and his family recently became residents of Macedonia in February of this year!  He enjoys being part of this community.

‘Off beat’ Jason’s love is playing with his boys, family time, and riding his Harley.  His wife enjoys riding motorcycles as well as they have taken family motorcycle trips together.  Jason is proud to say his mother taught him how to ride when he was 6 years of age (dirt bikes, motorcycles, 4-wheelers) and that his mom taught Kamea as well!!!   Jason’s ultimate passion is getting down on his hands and knees playing trucks with his boys, reading bed time stories and just spending genuine time with them.  Prior to having children, Jason’s favorite show to watch was First 48 (investigative crimes) now it is Paw Patrol and Mikey Mouse Club …my how ones’ life can change after having children!

Jason loves his job…even after 13 years of being on night patrol.  Jason is proud protecting, serving, and getting criminals off the street…those who have guns, drugs and warrants out for their arrest.

Jason is a participant in both the Downtown Cleveland Police Memorial Week and the one held in Washington DC (both held in May).  His devote participation is to honor his close friends who have died in the line of duty as well as to honor all fallen officers.

Jason stated he lives by the following verse so that he comes home safely every day;  “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God”.  Matthew 5:9

We thank Jason for his dedication to the City making it a safer place to live and work and for his service to our Country.

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