Congratulations to Employee of the Month – Bob Roloff


Congratulations to Employee of the Month, Bob Roloff-Service Dept./Full Time Mechanic

Bob began his employ with the City of Macedonia 25 years ago in December of 1989 as a full-time mechanic in the Service Department.  At that time there was only one Service building now there are three.  He currently works out of the 9000 Valley View Road, Garage #1 and holds the same position.

Bob ‘s duties are one of the most important in that he maintains the City’s fleet of just over 50 vehicles thus ensuring the safety of employee drivers.  Some of his duties include: lub and oil filter changing, tire rotation, some engine replacements and assists in servicing our police vehicles.  Bob is also one of our snow plow drivers.

Some of the equipment Bob maintains is a front end loader, a Case backhoe,  Grade-All ditch digging equipment (used for road side ditching), 3 Leaf Machines, and 10 large Plow trucks that are used for snow and ice removal; Pickup trucks used for hauling materials for coal patching, ditch work and leaf pickup.

Bob stated he enjoys his job as he has done it all of his life; it just comes second nature to him.  Back when he first got his driver’s license he had to buy his own car, buy his plates, insurance and gas.  So if his car broke down, he had to fix it himself.  There wasn’t much money left over and that’s when gas was only 28 cents a gallon back then!!

Bob has been married to his wife for 29 yrs. He is the oldest of three.  He enjoys reading in his ‘spare’ time.  His passion though lies in horses.  Bob has three horses right now;  ‘Butch’, a half-blind horse from Happy Trails whom he has been fostering for 5 years now until he is adopted;  a 5-yr old black horse named ‘Rocky’;  and a 10-year old Eagle named ‘Alyssa’.   Bob stated a horse with proper care can live up to an average of 30 years of age, some as old as 40!   Some of Bob’s most relaxing times have been spent brushing the animals or just pitching manure.

We thank Bob for his extreme dedication and service to our community.


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