Congratulations to Employee of the Month Chloe Hammett


Chloe has been a Front Desk Supervisor at the Macedonia Family Recreation Center since January of this year. Her smiling face and positive attitude greets patrons on most early mornings during the week. Chloe is known for always stepping up when help is needed in other areas of the department, such as picking up extra shifts, driving shuttle carts during the festival or helping teach kids how to fish at the city’s annual Family Fishing Day. Her favorite part about working at the Recreation Center is being able to make every guest feel welcome, and learning about each and every one of our members! She feels that once you see the same members every day, they become an extension of your family and it is something very special to her. Chloe resides in Northfield Village with her husband and their 3 year old son. Outside of work, you will often see her and her son at the many community events the city offers. When not working, you will find Chloe baking in her kitchen. She has a degree in pastry arts and specializes in cookies, cakes and gluten free treats!


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