Congratulations to Employee of the Month – Jayson McRitchie


Jayson McRitchie, Service Department

Jayson began his employ with the City of Macedonia on September 29, 2014 as a full-time Maintenance Worker.  He previously worked part-time in the Service Department from 1998 through 2001 where he worked on storm water repair and retention basin projects.

Jayson is experienced in concrete and asphalt work as well as knowledge of dry wall, drop ceiling, door frames, etc.  He is truly an asset to the Service Department as Jim DeGaetano, City Service Director, states “Jayson knows how to drive all of our equipment such as our grade-all truck, back hoe, excavator, front end loader, tandem axle, snow plow truck, you name it he knows how to operate it!”

Jayson brings a long line of family dedication and history to this City.  His Great-Grandfather was the Police Chief during Mayor Furlong’s administration where he actually started the formation of our current Police Department.  His Grandfather,  ‘Papa’, was the Chief of Police in the ’80’s.  Jayson’s dad, Al,  worked in the Service Department as well as his Uncle Jim and Uncle Bill!

Jayson’s  grandfather had a farm where he taught him how to operate various types of equipment at the very young age of 9 years old!  Jayson recalls bailing hay at the old Girl Scout camp!   And then Jayson reminisces of a good family friend ‘Bubbles’ Bob Skelly who was like a mentor to him and then there is Pabens who was like an old-timer.  He told him stories of what it was like to live in the 1930’s.  He recalls he had an old Studebaker Pickup truck still sticks fresh in his mind.

Jayson is proud to say Papa (his Grandfather) still lives in the same house in Macedonia and was a big inspiration in his life.   His Uncle lives two doors down from his grandfather.

Jayson lives in Northfield Center with his wife, Ami.  They will be celebrating their 11th year anniversary in December.  They have two sons, Cooper age 5 1/2 and Owen 2 1/2 years of age.

Jayson is very happy to be working for the City… couple that with his long family history of dedicated employees… we are very fortunate to have him as a City employee as yet another generation serves our community!


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