Congratulations to Employee of the Month Jessica Becker, Dispatcher


Jessica Becker began her employ as a contractual dispatcher and then became full time with the City in February 2013. Jessica’s dispatching career began in 2009 where she worked for the city of Twinsburg and then subsequently Sagamore Hills. 

It is prudent to mention the Dispatch team dispatches for Macedonia police and fire, Northfield Center fire and Sagamore Hills police and fire. On any one given day, it can certainly be hectic and challenging. Our Dispatchers handle all emergency and non-emergency calls. There are 7 full time dispatchers, 3 part-time and we have 2 covering dispatch around the clock as required by Ohio 911 compliance. 

Jessica stated dispatching is a stressful but yet rewarding job that is ever changing. The Macedonia Dispatch Center now provides EMD (emergency medical dispatch) which offers life-saving medical instructions prior to EMS and Police arrival. Jessica stated that this added medical help assistance is one of the most exciting parts of her job. 

Jessica was raised in Macedonia and is now currently a resident of the City. 

Jessica loves the outdoors and enjoys going for walks and hikes with her dog, Cooper. She likes vacationing at the beach, loves to bake, and most importantly loves spending quality time with friends and family. Jessica is also an avid CLE sports fan! 

We are thankful for Jessica and all dispatchers who assist us in handling emergency situations and are always grateful for their compassion and reassuring voices knowing help is on the way in time of need. 


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