Construction Notice for Residents of Longwood Dr.


This letter is to notify you of the upcoming paving work that will be taking place on Shepard Hills Boulevard.  At this time, asphalt paving work is scheduled to begin in approximately 1-2 weeks.  Shepard Hills work will take place between Shepard Road and approximately address 1044 Shepard Hills Boulevard. Firestone Lane work will take place between Ledge Road and approximately address 10000 Firestone Lane.

During construction, the street will remain open, and traffic will be directed around the work zone by flag persons. Brief delays can be expected while work is being performed.  Please proceed slowly through the construction area and do not park on the street while construction is taking place.  Garbage and recyclable collections will continue to be on the normally scheduled day.  This paving work will not interrupt mail service.

Throughout the duration of the project, you will notice some periods of time in which the Contractor is not working on your street.  These intended down time periods occur in between different phases of the project, and these down time periods will allow the City to properly assess the road as we proceed.  Please note that all paving work is scheduled to be completed in the 2018 season.

We realize that road construction is an inconvenience to our residents. Your patience and cooperation throughout this entire process is greatly appreciated. While we have tried to plan for every contingency, there are times when something unexpected occurs.  Naturally, the City will make every effort to rectify any issues that arise.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact City Engineer Joe Gigliotti at (440) 439-1999 or email him at

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