Construction Notice for Twinsburg Rd, Valley View Rd, & Shepard Rd.



This letter is to provide residents with a construction update for work on your street.  Over the next few weeks we anticipate installing the final top coat of asphalt.  Until such time that the road is complete, and if you plan on having any contractors perform work at your residence, we ask that any construction vehicles or heavy equipment is not parked on the road being worked on.  Please restrict this parking to driveways, or to adjacent roads that are not being worked on.  These vehicles and equipment could potentially cause damage to the unfinished asphalt road while it is not in its completed state, or while asphalt is fresh.  In general, the road will be complete when the new gravel berm is installed along the edges, or when new stripes are painted on the road.

As described in previous letters, please be aware of the following.  Along streets with roadside ditches, it is important to note that in addition to the paving of the travelled lanes, the first two feet of all drive aprons will also be paved.  This is done to insure a smooth transition between the newly paved roadway, and the existing driveways.

Also as described in previous letters, a new gravel berm will be installed along the edges of the final asphalt pavement.  This berm provides support for the asphalt roadway and reduces the amount of cracking along the edge of the new asphalt.  It is not designed to be a part of the hard surface for traffic.   This berm is soft when it is initially installed, and it will solidify with time.  As such, we ask that pedestrians and bicyclists make every effort not to walk or ride over the berm for the first three weeks after installation.  Gravel berm is not installed along roads that already have a concrete curb.

We realize that road construction is an inconvenience to our residents. Your patience and cooperation throughout this entire process is greatly appreciated. While we have tried to plan for every contingency, there are times when something unexpected occurs.  Naturally, the City will make every effort to rectify any issues that arise.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact City Engineer Joe Gigliotti at (440) 439-1999 or email him at


Mayor Nicholas Molnar



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