As many of you may already know, the Governor has declared a State of Emergency for the State of Ohio in light of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak across the globe, which has recently reached Ohio with several confirmed cases.  Unlike the common flu, there are enough “unknowns” regarding the virus to warrant the implementation of precautionary measures.  Just today, the Governor announced additional steps to reduce the risk posed by the virus to Ohio residents.  This includes restricting “mass gatherings” of 100 or more people, with certain gatherings and places like grocery stores excluded from the restriction.  The Governor has also made modifications regarding school attendance and scheduling.

While this ban will not likely impact City of Macedonia events, we are monitoring the situation closely and taking all precautionary measures available to further protect the public and those coming into City-owned buildings.  Towards this goal, I have ordered the purchase of supplies necessary to increase the frequency that City buildings are cleaned and sanitized, with extra attention being given to high-traffic public areas.  In addition, while the City always encourages public engagement, there are alternate options available to residents who want to stay abreast City business while also limiting their exposure in public.  For instance, you may access the City’s website at for the most current and up-to-date information regarding the City, including links to information as to how to further protect yourself and your family from contracting the virus.  The City will continue working to ensure that the website is updated frequently with the most current information available.

As always, the City is here to assist you, the residents, and will work tirelessly to ensure that there is no disruption in the services we provide to you on a daily basis.  Should you have any questions or concerns, you may call my office directly in addition to the numerous other resources available from public health authorities.


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