Department of the Month: Macedonia Service Department


The Service Department is currently staffed with 16 full time and 2 part time employees. Service Department is primarily responsible for road maintenance, storm water management, culvert maintenance, street light repair, street sign maintenance, snow removal and vehicle/equipment repair, just to name a few.

The Department’s most notable hosted events are Rain Barrel Workshops and Earth Day Cleanup/Arbor Day.

The City is now on its 14th consecutive year of acknowledgement for Tree City which could not be accomplished without the efforts of our Service Department.

The Service Department also maintains the City’s park system which is comprised of three parks; Longwood, Sugarbush and Memorial Park which equates to approximately 325 acres.

The City provides free leaf removal for all residents with the exception of privately owned developments. In addition, a Table and Chair Rental Program is provided to all Macedonia residents through the Service Department.

Rubbish is collected by a private hauler under contract to the City. All rubbish collected is recycled at a Recycling Center. Rubbish is to be placed at the curb after sunset on the night before pickup and returned by sunset the day of scheduled pickup.

The Service Department motto is……. “Service with a smile and pride in how we service!”


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