Explorers Program

Exploring is a program developed by the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women, age 14 thru 20. The program matches the interests of youth with adult expertise and the program resources of the chartered organization.

To achieve the mission and purpose of exploring, the program is designed to meet the developmental needs of young adults by bringing them into voluntary association with responsible, caring adult advisors. They learn ethical decision making through positive social interaction, leadership development, hands-on experience, refining problem solving skills, service to others, and career exploration.

This program offers many opportunities used to promote the conditions that are necessary for growth and development of adolescents. For example, there are planned activities to give youth in a post the opportunity to interact with their peers and to experience a sense of belonging. Planning the year’s program of activities and individual acitivities should involve explorers in decision making. Engaging in activities that are challenging and fun encourages them to cultivate a capacity to enjoy life. By participating in the activities and the operation of an explorer post, youth will have a chance to discover more about their identity, to relate to adults and peers, and to experiment with ideas and roles without having to commit themselves irrevocably.

December of 1998 marked two years of growth for Explorer Post 2022, a Fire Post affiliated with the Macedonia Fire Department. The Exploring Post consists of 12 active members and 6 adult advisors. The group meets twice a month and attends numerous outings and special training. In 2002 David Spraggins obtained all qualifications to become an explorer II.

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Current Members:

Tony Adams
Jesse Black
John Calta
Amanda Celinski  (Explorer 2)
Paul J. Celinski
Jimmy Crevar      (Explorer 2)
Michale DeMore  (Explorer 2)
Ryan Ennis
Matt Harman
Tim McRitchie
Brandon Miller
Mike Portman
Brad Selva
Ryan Streszoff