Department History

The Macedonia Fire Department was formed in 1921. The group of twelve volunteers had elected George Johnson as the departments first Fire Chief. George was one of twelve men that helped formally organize the Village of Macedonia’s first Volunteer Fire Department. Although the Macedonia Fire department had officially opened its doors to helping their neighbors in need, the department was homeless, or without an actual fire station. For the next ten years the members kept their only piece of fire equipment, a 40-gallon soda-acid tank on a high wheeled buggy, in one of the member’s barn next to a coal stove. They would light the stove to keep the tank from freezing in cold weather and members used their personal vehicles to tow the buggy around town when they needed it at a fire.

The first fire station in the Village was built in 1931 at the corner of North Road (now North Bedford Road) and State Route 82. A bound issue of $18,000 was used to finance the building and to purchase the Villages first fire truck, a 1931 Seagraves pumper for $5,500 dollars. Documentation for the first fifteen years about call types and how many they had each year is minimal until 1935. In 1935 the total number of calls recorded for the year were seven. They had four grass fires and three building fires. The average number of firefighters that responded were seven and the total cost of fighting fire was $60.25.

The departments call volume continued to grow through the 40’s and on average the department responded to 35 calls a year. They only listed two types of calls, 19 calls for grass fires and 16 building fires, and the department roster still consisted of twelve men. Between 1930 and 1960, the city’s growth exploded from only 734 residents to 6,374 during 1960.


During the early 60’s the City built a three-bay fire station on property the city acquired on Valley View. The thought back then was to eventually build a new city hall next to the fire station on the property.


In the early 70’s, the City added office space, an additional two truck bays with higher entrance doors, and office space that would allow the Police department to move into the Southside of the building. In 1979 the city hired their first full-time firefighters. One of the firefighters hired was a local young gentlemen by the name of Danial Gagliardi he had just recently graduated from the local high school (Nordonia High School, class of 1977) and was working for the city’s service department and attending EMT and Fire school training at night and on the weekends.


As the city continued to grow the department started planning for the future, and in the early 90’s started working on a new safety center. The building would become reality in 1996 as they began the construction of the large three-story City Center that today currently houses our City government offices, Police Department and Fire Departments.


In July 1996, they added two fulltime members and started staffing the station with a second shift from 4 p.m. to 12 midnight Monday through Friday.


In 1997 they hired two additional staff and in October of that year they moved into their new building. Sometime in mid-November the department was able start staffing the station 24-7. The Village of Boston Heights Fire department started having difficulty staffing EMS and Fire calls, so Macedonia Fire created a contract that would allow them to co-respond to assist or handle their emergency calls.


The department provided EMS and Fire coverage for most of the year while the Northfield Village fire department went through a rebuilding of active members.


The department was responding to 1237 emergency calls.


On October 1, 2013, the Village of Boston Heights decided to end the 16-year EMS and Fire coverage with Macedonia when their staff were no longer available to answer any of the emergency calls. The Village was faced with closing their fire department and contracting all their emergency services and when the contract bids were decided the Village decided to go with Valley Fire District to handle it all.


On September 14, 2016 we began providing EMS and Fire services for Northfield Center and Sagamore Hills Townships under a five-year contract. The service agreement expanded the department’s coverage area from 9.5 square miles to approximately 26 square miles, and increased the population they covered from 11,927 to approximately 26,000 residents, and the department went from delivering services from one fire station to three fire stations. The contract allowed for an increase of nine additional full-time firefighters and as many as six additional part-time members. During the first year (2017) of the contract the department seen an increase in calls from 1750 to 3450 calls for service.

Today (2020)

The department is currently in the fourth year of a five-year contract with Northfield Center and Sagamore Hills Townships for EMS and Fire services. The department is currently staffed with 24 full-time and 13 part-time members. The fleet of vehicles consists of seven fully stocked ACLS Ambulances, four Engines, one mid mount Aerial Tower, one all-terrain four-wheel drive rescue vehicle, two inflatable rescue boats, two pickup trucks and four staff vehicles. The number of calls for 2019 were 3765 calls for service and at the beginning of 2020 we were seeing an increase in our monthly calls and feel that we could be closer to 4000 runs for the year.