Fire History

In the year of 1921 the Macedonia Volunteer Fire Department was formed. The history of the first 10 years is limited. The Fire Chief at the inception of the department was a gentleman by the name of George Johnson. George had many adversities to overcome, lack of equipment and man power, were just two. The first piece of equipment was a 40 gallon soda-acid tank on high buggy wheels that was towed behind a firemens car. At that time the village didn’t even have a station to house the tank in, one of the firemen donated the use of his barn. The primitive tank was kept in the corner of the barn next to a coal stove that kept it from freezing in the winter. The department consisted of 12 men that volunteered their time to fight fires.

The first fire station in the village was built in 1931 at the corner’s of North Rd.(North Bedford) and State Rt 82. A bond issue of $18,000 was used to finance the building, and money from the same was used to buy the first fire truck. A 1931 Seagrave pumper was purchased for $5,500. The first records available were in the year 1935. The total amount of fire calls equaled seven, four of them were grass fires and the other three calls were building fires. The average number of firemen answering calls for the year was seven. The total fire loss for the year was $ 400.00, and the cost of fighting fire in the year 1935 was $60.25. The amount of calls increased in the 40’s. The average year of fire calls was 35, with 19 grass fires and 16 building fires. The department rooster still consisted of 12 men.

Today things are dramatically different. The Macedonia Fire department is located on Valley View Road, south of Park Avenue. The building was built in 1996 as a multipurpose facility that houses City Hall, the Police Department, Building Department, Service Department offices, and the Fire Department.

The fire Department went from part time/ volunteer status to a full
time department in December of 1997. We are now staffed with personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We now have two engines, one aerial truck and three rescue squads which provide fire protection/suppression and emergency medical care to a community of roughly 10,000 residents. The Macedonia Fire Department is made up of 29 men and women who are certified Ohio firefighters, E.M.T.’S, R.N.’S and Paramedics. Some members have specialty training in Dive Rescue, Ice Rescue, Rope Rescue, Trench Rescue, Structural Collapse and Confined Space training. In 2000, we responded to 1,237 emergency calls. Of these calls, 683 were medical emergencies and 256 were fire or fire related. In 2001, our calls totaled 1,256, and in 2002 they totaled 1,223, which is far from our average of 35 calls in the 1940’s. Along with our resident base, Macedonia has zoned commercial areas that have accommodated businesses for many years.

We the people of the Macedonia Fire Department take pride in serving
the community, a community that we call home.