Leaf Collection

Final round of leaf collection has been completed. Thank you for participating in the program!


[North of Rt. 82/West of I-271]

[South of Rt. 82]

[North of Rt. 82/East of I-271]

[All Main Roads]

LEAF PILES IN WINDROWS: Place leaves into long windrows, not big piles, along your tree lawn on curbed streets, or along the street side of the ditchline or berm. If you have no berm, you can place the leaves on the house side of the ditchline.

NOT IN THE STREET OR DITCH: Under all cases, DO NOT PLACE LEAVES INTO THE STREET or DO NOT FILL THE DRAINAGE DITCHES in that this causes safety and drainage hazards. Blocked water flow has the potential to cause flooding.

ALL WINDROWS WITHIN 10 FEET FROM ROAD EDGE: All leaf windrows shall be placed no further than 10 feet from the roadway edge, which is the maximum reach of the leaf vacuum hose. Crews will not go further than 10 feet from the roadway edge to collect leaves.

ONLY LEAVES, PLEASE! Do not place sticks, twigs, trash, rocks, grass clippings, or other foreign material in the windrows, in that these materials can clog or cause damage to the vacuum machines. If these items are found in your windrow, the crew will stop collection and not return until the debris is removed.

ALL WINDROWS 10 FEET AWAY FROM OBSTRUCTIONS: Place leaf windrows a minimum of 10 feet away from obstructions such as; mailboxes, utility poles, fire hydrants, and landscaping features. These items make leaf vacuuming more time consuming and difficult.

**COLLECTION SCHEDULE: Leaf crews follow a collection schedule based on a list of streets in the city.  Crews start with the first neighborhood and street on the list, and then work their way through each area until the entire city has received a collection. Once complete with a full round, crews will start again at the top of the list. Crews will not return to a previously-collected area until the entire list has been collected. As a general practice, crews start with the streets South of Rt. 82 and work their way North. The exact list of neighborhoods and streets in the order of collection as well as crew where-a-bouts can be viewed at www.macedonia.oh.us

RAKE LEAVES EARLY AND OFTEN: Rain and / or snow cause delays to our collection efforts, so the earlier you rake your leaves out for collection the better the job the City can do to get them picked up efficiently. The same workers and trucks that are used to collect leaves are also used to plow snow and spread salt, so inclement weather will cause delays.

END OF COLLECTION: The last day to place your leaves out for collection is yet to be set, check here for updates. On this date, the City will start one final round of leaf collection throughout the city. If your leaves are placed out after this date and after we passed by, you will not receive collection. If you have any questions about the leaf collection service, or would like to know what area our crews are working in, please call the Service Department office at 330- 468-8330 or see www.macedonia.oh.us

SPECIAL NOTE – TREE & BRUSH DEBRIS: Please remove all branch debris from roadside areas. Brush can be bundled in 4 foot lengths weighing no more than 40 lbs. for collection by your refuse hauler. The refuse hauler will also collect any bagged leaves or trimmings left out with your refuse on your regular refuse day, year-round.