Road Repair

The Macedonia Service Department provides road repair services year-round that mainly center around pothole patching. As larger roadway failures are identified, contracted crews are brought in to dig out and replace the failed surface.

Potholes are most prevalent in Winter months when the freeze-thaw cycles cause heaving of pavement sections. The City has an aggressive pothole patching operation during these months to fill holes as soon as possible.

When funding permits, preventative maintenance such as crack sealing is performed to keep moisture out of the road base and prevent potholes from forming.

If you notice a pesky pothole around town, please call our office at (330) 468-8330 and we will get it filled as soon as possible.

How we do it!
In the winter months, potholes are filled with a material called “cold patch” that consists of a mixture of small aggregate and asphalt emulsion.

In the warmer months, potholes are filled with hot mix asphalt.

Before filling the hole, crews clean out any loose debris so that the patch material will stick to the existing pavement. Next, material is shoveled into the hole and leveled off. Finally, the material is compacted with either the truck tires or with a hand tamper. Although some consider cold patch to be a temporary fix, we have found that it lasts quite a long time if placed in the road correctly. The City has a trailer unit devoted exclusively for road patching assignments.