Roadside Mowing

The Macedonia Service Department provides roadside mowing only on main roadways and Rt. 8 within the community. This consists of mowing all grass and vegetation along the edge of the road all the way to the ditchline to not only look good, but allow water to run off of the road and into the ditches easily.

Residents are encouraged to mow and maintain their own ditches and roadsides in that it takes awhile for City crews to make a full round through the City. During most years, mowing crews make 3-4 rounds through all main road areas. The roadside mowing crews also assist the Parks Division crews by mowing the large fields on the north side of Longwood Park and the rear field behind the soccer fields.

The City mows all grass on Rt. 8 from Valley View Rd. south to the Northfield Center line just south of Highland Rd.

How we do it!
The City owns three (3) roadside mowing tractors, one of which has a special ditchline mower device on it. Anywhere from one to all three of these units are sent out at a time to tackle the high grass and weeds. A hand-trimming crew using string trimmers is usually sent out along with the mowers to trim around street signs, guardrails, and other obstructions.