Street Sweeping

Litter, debris, and gravel along the edges of roads not only look unsightly, but can cause clogging of storm sewer lines if left uncleaned. The City normally provides one or two rounds of street sweeping on all curbed streets per year to remove this debris. City parking lots are also swept.

Spills of materials in the roadway or material such as screws or bolts that are a hazard to traffic are swept up by City personnel immediately when reported. If you wish to report debris in the road that is a hazard, call the Service Department at (330) 468-8330. You can also call the Police Department non-emergency line at (330) 468-1234.

How we do it!
The City does not own a street sweeper, so a contractor is brought in to perform the work. It usually takes several days for the contractor to complete the entire City. All debris that is swept up is disposed of in an approved landfill.