Department of the Month – Finance


Office of the Mayor Macedonia, Ohio 

Director of Finance: John M. Veres, CPA Finance

Staff: pictured left to right Andrea Maye (Accounts Payable) Laura Welsh (Finance Assistant) Lisa Hamrick (Accounts Receivable) Patty Kurcsak (Payroll Administrator)

Our motto in the Finance Department is “A Department for Others”. This theme means that without Police, Fire, Service and Recreation we do not exist. Knowing that the more the Finance Department can do to assist all other Departments, the better off the City will run. We strive to continually look for ways to improve efficiencies in all Departments. We look to improve efficiencies such as payroll processing, purchase order requisitioning, data entry and invoicing. As these processes are improved, there is more time for each department to service their customers, our residents and those working in or traveling through Macedonia.

Congratulations, Finance!


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