Employee of the Month Listing


Employee of the Month 2019

January 2019 Andy Dyckiewycz, Recreation

February 2019 Lisa Hamrick, Finance

March 2019 Elisa Mohr, Senior Center

April 2019 Lori May, Recreation

May 2019 Laura Welsh, Finance

June 2019 Charles Bulanda, Service

July 2019 Chloe Hammett, Recreation

Employee of the Month 2018

January 2018 Patrick Wasik, IT Director

February 2018 John Hnottavange, Service Director

March 2018 Brad Wisniewski, Recreation

April 2018 Susan Roganish, Building

May 2018 Tim Black, Fire Chief

June 2018 Myra Staresina Severyn, City Prosecutor

July 2018 Nino Monaco, Building Commissioner

August 2018 Camp MAC Counselors, Recreation

September 2018 Steve Plata, Bldg. Mtce. Supv., Service

October 2018 Nick Favazzo, Service Department

November 2018 Dave Aberth, Fire Department

December 2018 Patrolman Rick Rizzo


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