Employee of the Month – Mary Ellen Foster


Office of the Mayor Macedonia, Ohio 


Mary Ellen Foster 

Whereas: Mary Ellen has served this community well for nearly nineteen years  in the capacity of Clerk of Court for the City of Macedonia; and 

Whereas: Mary Ellen has announced her plan to retire and is being honored  by friends and co-workers, who are deeply appreciative of her many contributions to the community throughout the years; 

Whereas: Mary Ellen’s love for traveling has taken her places through the  West Coast, Europe, and East Coast where her son presently resides; Mary Ellen has a passion for theatre, movie going with friends, her favorite movie is ‘Moonstruck’ and most importantly loves spending time with her family and babysitting her three grandsons ages 3 years old to 3 months old; 

Whereas: Mary Ellen is now looking forward to having more to time to meet  with friends for lunch or simply taking a day trip; having more time to take walks; more time to enjoy her home and many other future adventures while enjoying life to its fullest; 

Now, Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Mayor, and on behalf of our governing body and all our citizens, I do hereby tender this Certificate of Appreciation to Mary Ellen Foster extending our best wishes to her and her entire family for such success and happiness in the future. 

Mayor Nick Molnar 
Date: 9/20/2019 


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