Minutes 2/14/19


Presiding Officer, Mayor Nicholas Molnar called the February 14 regular meeting to order at 7:30pm.

Present: Council members Shane Barker, Kevin Bilkie, Jessica Brandt, Jan Tulley and Vini J. Ventura; Law Director Mark Guidetti and Council Clerk Josephine Arceci.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE & INVOCATION: City Chaplain Commander Tom O’Brien of the Nordonia Hills American Legion #801. Chaplain O’Brien, befitting recognition of Fire Chief Tim Black during this evening meeting Chaplain O’Brien expounded upon the quality, character, commitment and valor of first responders such as Chief Black.

MINUTES MS. Tulley moved, Mr. Ventura seconded and motion carried unanimously on a voice vote approving the minutes of regular meeting of January 24, 2019.

PUBLIC COMMENTS There were no public comments heard this evening.


ORD. NO. 7 -2019



COMMUNITY GRANT(S) was offered by Ms. Brandt and moved Council waive the requirement that it be read by title on three different days, instructing the Clerk to read it by title only for all three readings by title only. Second by Mr. Bilkie carried unanimously on a voice vote.

Ms. Brandt moved, Mr. Bilkie seconded and motion carried unanimously on a voice vote to adopt ORD.

NO. 7-2019, and post same according to law. ORD. NO. 7-2019 declared adopted. 


Chief Black received from U.S. House of Representative David Joyce of the 14th District a “Certificate of Congressional Recognition and Achievement” [The certificate was read on February

7, 2019 by Congressman Joyce into Congressional Record, Vol. 165, No. 24, Page E148]

Chief Black received a Proclamation from Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro declared February 14, 2019 as Chief Tim Black Day in Summit County. The Proclamation was read by Lori Pesci, Deputy Director of Public Safety.

Chief Black also received a Proclamation from Mayor Molnar declaring February 14, 2019 as Chief Black Day in the city of Macedonia.

Mayor Molnar thanked all the local officials and fire chiefs for attending tonight’s proceedings in honor and recognition of Chief Black. Mayor Molnar acknowledged Chief Black’s family, his wife Mary and children Danielle, Jesse and Michael who have played a major part in the man Chief Black is today. Chief Black totally epitomizes when one thinks of a family man Mayor Molnar stated. That particular attribute has been evident throughout his career and has been a positive influence on his leadership. Mayor Molnar said Chief Black is also the embodiment of character which the Mayor described as doing the right thing when no one is looking. Chief Black was born and raised in Nordonia Hills and is a graduate of Nordonia Hill school. The Chief is humble regarding his own accomplishments Mayor Molnar added. The Chief’s strength lies in encouraging and coaching the best out of others, letting others grow so they shine so they can be the best they can be. Mayor Molnar mentioned Chief Black has had a positive effect during his tenure

as chief. To name of few for example; Macedonia’s ISO rating of 2, the regionalization of fire services, the Explorer program, the Touch-a-Truck program and the Santa Delivery Program. Mayor Molnar wished Chief Black good will and best wishes on his retirement, and added, “from one rock and roll enthusiast to another…get your motor running and get out on the highway”.

Captain Ripley added that Chief Black has been an exceptional boss. There is a sadness associated with his retirement but happiness as well. Captain Ripley presented Chief Black with his 35-year service pin and white retirement fire helmet.

RES.NO. 8 – 2019


requirement that it be read by title on three different days, instructing the Clerk to read in its entirety for all three readings. Second by Mr. Barker carried unanimously on a voice vote.

Ms. Tulley moved, Mr. Bilkie seconded and motion carried unanimously on a voice vote to adopt ORD. NO. 7-2019 and post same according to law. 

Roll Call: Ayes: Barker, Bilkie, Brandt, Tulley and Ventura

Nays: None.

The motion carried, RES. NO. 8-2019 declared adopted.



WHEREAS, over the past 35-plus years, Tim Black has been an essential component of the backbone upon which the modern City of Macedonia has been built, starting his employment with the City on May 9, 1983 as the first employee of the City’s Parks and Recreation Department; and

WHEREAS, Chief Black first began working with the City’s Fire Department as a part-time firefighter in 1984, and quickly gained full-time employment status with the City’s Service Department in 1985, where he remained for 2 years until moving back to the Parks and Recreation Department to a fulltime position in 1987; and

WHEREAS, Continuing to pursue his passion for serving the public, and narrowing his focus to providing firefighting service to residents, Chief Black became a full-time Civil Service employee with the City of Macedonia Fire Department in 1989; and

WHEREAS, During his tenure in the Fire Department, and after exhibiting exemplary work as a firefighter, Chief Black was promoted to Fire Captain in 1992, and promoted just three years later to Fire Chief in 1995; and

WHEREAS, during that time, Chief Black has worked closely with the Mayor’s Office, Department Heads, and City staff to provide the outstanding fire and EMS services the residents and businesses of the City of Macedonia, and the Nordonia Hills Community as a whole, have come to expect, rely upon, and appreciate; and

WHEREAS, during Chief Black’s tenure, he has overseen a Fire Department that has expanded by 12-times its original full-time employee size, responds to approximately 10-times more calls per year, and provides full-time service to not one, but three political subdivisions of the State of Ohio; and

WHEREAS, over that period of time, Chief Black has become one of the most respected Department Heads in the City of Macedonia’s history, and has proven himself to be an invaluable employee and asset to the community as a result of his dedication and conscientious attitude toward all employees and citizens of the community; and

WHEREAS, Chief Black has dedicated the past 35-plus years of his life to serving not only the residents of the City of Macedonia and the surrounding communities, but also to serving those in need throughout the State of Ohio and the United States by serving as the President of the Northeast Ohio Fire Chief’s Association, Vice President of the Summit County Fire Chief’s Association, as a trained Heavy Equipment Rigging Specialist and instructor for FEMA, and as a Rescue Squad Officer of Ohio Task Force 1 for FEMA’s Urban Search and Rescue Team system, having responded to all major hurricane disasters throughout the Country in order to provide and assist in rescue efforts. Chief Black has continued to invest his time and efforts in training the upcoming men and women who will serve as the future generations of firefighters, ensuring that residents throughout our community, the State and the Country will continue to receive outstanding service from well-trained, highly qualified and compassionate public employees; and

WHEREAS, Chief Black has announced he is retiring from service in his position as the Fire Chief effective February 18, 2019; and

WHEREAS, the Administration, Council, employees, and entire Macedonia Community wish to recognize Chief Black for his decades of devoted service to the City of Macedonia which has not gone unnoticed, and is additionally recognized with this expression of appreciation.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Macedonia, County of

Summit and the State of Ohio:

Fire Chief Tim Black is hereby recognized for his more than 35 years of compassion, dedication, and tireless service to the City of Macedonia and its residents.

Macedonia City Council presented Chief Black with an engraved, glass enclosed miniature replica of a 1927 Seagrave Suburbanite Pumper to add or complete his collection as Council member Bilkie stated. Council President Tulley stated she too is a Nordonia Hills graduate and in the early years Macedonia fire service was provided by a volunteer fire department who responded to fires and emergencies in their own vehicles. Much growth has occurred in the fire department in part under Chief Black’s tutelage and guidance. Chief Black was visionary in that in the late 1980’s early 1990’s he promoted regionalizing fire service with the neighboring communities. Chief Black has been tenacious and steadfast in his role but most importantly compassionate about expecting and maintaining a high standard of quality for the Macedonia fire department. As Mayor Molnar stated Chief Black prefers that the limelight should be on others. Chief Black’s pride is in the growth of others. Chief Black has proved to be an exceptional leader in Macedonia and the fire department is better for it.

In closing, Chief Black extended his appreciation for every kind word and thought felt well-wishes. Working in Macedonia has been his pleasure he said. Working with fellow firefighters many of whom are also home grown that is they too were raised Macedonia or in the Nordonia Hills area and who also continue to live here has as well been his pleasure. Leadership was made easy Chief Black said because of competent team of fellow firefighter paramedics with whom he has worked with over the years.


CORRESPONDENCE: No correspondence read this evening.

MAYOR’S REPORT: Mayor’s Court receipts for the month of January were $36,114.00.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: Committee reports were not given this evening.

DEPARTMENT REPORTS Department reported were not given this evening Service Department

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There being no further business before council, the meeting was adjourned unanimously on voice vote at 8:05 p.m.


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