Missing Person Found


Nicholas Molnar, Mayor

I am pleased to report the missing person from Twinsburg was located within our City and returned home safely with no incident on Tuesday, March 30. All available resources were deployed in the search and thankfully resulted in locating the gentleman.

Secondly, I want to thank our Fire Chief Brian Ripley, Police Lieutenant Yakopovich, Service Director John Hnottavange and their staff for the excellent coordinated effort to locate the missing person. We formed a command post at City Hall that directed the teams of City staff to specific identified areas throughout the City covering the entire map. The communication with staff was calculated and precise to make sure we covered all possible areas of our community. I am proud of the quick response and cannot thank the staff enough for their efforts.

Third, I want to thank all those concerned that volunteered their time to assist with the search. There were many residents out looking for the missing person due to the multiple Facebook, website and Nixie posts and shares. I was proud to see us come together in a time of need and this speaks volumes to our amazing community!

Thank you, Macedonia, for proving once again how incredible you are! Stay safe and have a nice Easter holiday !

The Crossroads of Northeast Ohio

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