RFP for Criteria Architect / Engineering Services


City of Macedonia, Ohio

Request for Proposals for
Criteria Architect/Engineer Services as
Owner Representative
for a
Service Garage and Salt Dome using
Design/Build Contracting Method
Submission Deadline – 4:00 PM on September 16, 2021

Table of Contents
A. Introduction Page 1
B. Scope of Project Page 2
C. Scope of Services Page 3
D. Content of Proposals Page 4
E. Proposal Evaluation and Selection Page 5
F. Proposal Submission Deadline Page 6
G. City Limitations of Liability Page 6
H. Conditions of Submission Page 6

A. Introduction
The City of Macedonia invoice architectural firms and consultants to submit proposal to provide all Criteria Architect/Engineer (C-A/E) Services necessary to represent the owner in the construction of a new Service Garage and Salt Dome using the design/build contracting method.

• The selected Criteria Architect/Engineer (C-A/E) will represent the interests of the City of Macedonia as its owner representative before and during the Design/Build method construction contract. Scope of work will include:

o Defining the project scope, cost, and schedule for the Design/Build contract and

o Ensuring that the facility/site design, quality of building systems, materials, and workmanship are executed through the design/build contract in accordance with recognized industry and sustainability standards.

• The Criteria Architect/Engineer (C-A/E) is an independent consultant for the City of Macedonia, providing services as defined by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.

• The Criteria Architect/Engineer (C-A/E) will not be the “architect of record” and is precluded from a role on the design/build contract team.

The City anticipates the consultation services of the selected firm will begin in Fall 2021 with project completion in late 2022.

Eight (8) paper copies of the proposal and one (1) electronic copy shall be submitted to the Mayor’s Office, c/o Diana Augustine, 9691 Valley View Road, Macedonia, Ohio, no later than 4:00 pm on September 16, 2021.

B. Scope of Project
The project site is approximately eight acres in size, and is situated between a structure known as the Longwood Manor House (located at 1634 East Aurora Road), and the wooded parcel to the east of the Manor House, within the City of Macedonia, Ohio. An analysis of the existing four buildings and structures located throughout the City currently being utilized by the Service Department have been identified as incapable of supporting continued current use by the Service Department as a result of age and deteriorating conditions. As such, a new facility is needed to maintain Service Department services for the community.

The City intends for the City Service Department to continue operation from the current buildings and structures while the replacement facility is constructed.

The project includes:
• Environmental assessment in preparation of the following new construction;
• Constructing an approximate 18,000 square-foot Service Garage including
o 25 vehicle bays,
o 4 mechanics’ bays,
o Cold storage,
o Shop area,
o Sign shop area, and
o Office, locker rooms, bathrooms, and a lunchroom;
• Constructing a 350 ton capacity Salt Dome of approximately 850 square feet;

• Developing the current approximately 8-acre site located at 1634 East Aurora Road, Macedonia, Ohio, as well as the adjacent area to be used for staging. Scope includes but is not limited to:
o Rework and repair of under and above ground utility lines,
o Provision for gas fueling station, water & fuel tanks, outdoor material storage, dumpsters, and cold storage for other municipal vehicles,
o Paved access to facilities and parking

C. Scope of Services: Criteria A/E & Owner Representative

Criteria Architecture/Engineer Services as Owner Representative
• Primary: Architecture
• Secondary: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural, Civil

As a minimum, the scope of services shall include:

  1. Providing Consultation to the City during pre-construction activities as the City finalizes the scope of the project. Services could include, but are not necessarily limited to:
    a. Identifying phased approach to develop the site
    b. Advising the City on best approach to functioning on site before & during construction
  2. Providing Criteria Architect/Engineer program verification design services for the City for Design/Build Contract Bid Documents including but not limited to:
    a. Defining program of site and facilities
    b. Identifying and facilitating site condition verification, if needed, for design/build contract, i.e. site survey, Phase 1 environmental site assessment, soil borings, etc.
    c. Verifying condition of existing facility
    d. Defining other design criteria to appropriately communicate design intent
    e. Evaluating local regulatory issues
    f. Coordinating environmental approvals
    g. Evaluating opportunities to utilize enhanced sustainable building systems and materials
    h. Evaluating long term operating costs of building systems – life cycle cost analysis
    i. Identifying building healthy and sustainable construction processes
    j. Defining requirements through schematic design plans, elevations, and basic envelope materials and material quality standards
    k. Defining fire protection information plans, structural, mechanical (HVAC) and electrical systems
    l. Preparing preliminary critical path schedule
    m. Preparing total Design/Build Contract and total cost estimates
  3. Providing Criteria Architect/Engineer selection support services for Design/Build Contract
    a. Preparing RFQ and RFP contract documents utilizing Criteria A/E prepared project definition and design.
    b. Incorporate by reference in contract documents the applicable contractual terms and conditions, including any unique capabilities or qualifications which will be required by City
    c. The Design/Build Contract should include project overview; project timing; performance program requirements; submittal, testing and inspection, substitution, and warranty requirements; environmental requirements and site information; proposal requirements, proposal evaluation criteria, contract type
    d. Facilitating bid process
    e. Assistance with Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) negotiation
    f. Assistance with Best Value selection of Design/Build team
  4. Providing Criteria Architect/Engineer design and construction observation services for Design/Build Contract
    a. Monitoring design and verifying contracts standard compliance
    b. Monitoring construction process and progress for contract compliance
    c. Review & advising of DD & CD documents
    d. Manage third party agreements
    e. Project accounting
    f. Change order reviews
    g. Reviewing payment requests
    h. Drawdown management, monthly status reports
    i. Construction testing, surveying, geotechnical testing
    j. Site inspection
    k. Post occupancy evaluation

The selected firm will be responsible for working in cooperation with pertinent City Officials, the City Service Director, and the City Engineer.

Estimated selection schedule and project completion is as follows:
o RFP Issue August 31, 2021
o Owner Representative Proposal due September 16, 2021
o Informal Interviews September/October 2021
o Selection and Contract Negotiation October 2021
o Criteria Architect/Engineer Contract Commencement October/November 2021
o Design/Build Contract Project Completion December 2022

The City anticipates a Criteria Architect/Engineer services maximum fee of $80,000 dollars.

D. Content of Proposals
In order to facilitate evaluation of the proposals, the respondent is instructed to be concise and to include in the Proposal the following information:

  1. Letter of Transmittal include name, title, address and telephone number of the individual(s) with authority to contractually bind the company and also the person who may be contacted during the period of proposal evaluation for the purpose of clarifying submitted information
  2. Brief organization profile, including background and experience of the firm and contract consultants, as well as depth of professional personnel
  3. Qualifications and experience of persons who will be performing the work
    a. Identify proposed Principal in Charge of project
    b. Identify proposed Project Manager – primary contact and service provider
    c. Identify other pertinent professionals
  4. Previous experience including reference contact information, for projects that are similar in scope to the project described herein that demonstrate pertinent firm and individual experience. Identify no less than 3 or more than 5 projects with:
    a. Providing services equal to Criteria Architect/Engineering Services including developing design/build contract bid documents with sustainable design criteria
    b. Design/build projects
    c. Sustainable building design
    d. Similar public project type
  5. Cost estimating and scheduling track record of similar projects identified
  6. Projected project schedule

Firms may contact Diana Augustine at the Mayor’s Office to schedule a site visit at daugustine@macedonia.oh.us.

E. Proposal Evaluation and Selection
The City of Macedonia evaluation committee will evaluate proposals based on, but not necessarily limited to, the following considerations:

  1. The proposal’s responsiveness to the RFP –
  2. Relevant Experience and technical competence in order of importance,
    a. Criteria Architect / Engineering Services
    b. Design/Build Projects
    c. Service Garage
    d. Public Projects
    e. Sustainable Design
    f. Similar Project Type
  3. Qualifications and experience of project manager and other personnel committed to the project.
  4. Cost estimating track record – including change orders
  5. Schedule track record
  6. Projected project schedule
  7. The ability and commitment to complete the project within the approved schedule

Once the highest quality proposals have been identified, the City will schedule informal interviews with a short list of the highest rated firms within the next month.

F. Proposal Submission Deadline

All response to this RFP must be received in a sealed envelope and cleared marked “CITY OF MACEDONIA CRITERIA ARCHITECT/ENGINEER SERVICES AS OWNER REPRESENTITVE” by 4:00PM on September 16, 2021, to be eligible for consideration. Proposals shall be submitted to:

Diana Augustine, Mayor’s Executive Assistant
9691 Valley View Road
Macedonia, Ohio 44056

Please submit eight (8) paper copies and one (1) electronic copy of the Request for Proposal.

G. City Limitations of Liability

The City of Macedonia assumes no responsibility or liability for costs incurred by Proposers in responding to this RFP or in responding to any further request for interviews, additional data, etc.

Proposals that do not include the information required in Sections D, F and H may be considered as unresponsive and not considered further by the City.

The City may, before or after proposal opening and in its sole discretion, clarify, modify, or amend this RFP, if the City determines it is in the City’s best interest. Any such action shall be effected by a posting on the City’ website, www.macedonia.oh.us. Each respondent is responsible for checking the City’s website to determine if the City has issued any addenda and, if so, to complete its proposal in accordance with the RFP as modified by the addenda.

The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. The City further reserves the right to negotiate with the selected consultant a final Scope of Services that best meets the needs of the City.

H. Conditions of Submission

When signing the letter of transmittal and submitting a proposal the principal of the Firm submitting agrees that the proposal is submitted, and the work will be undertaken in accordance with the following conditions and understandings:

  1. The proposal shall include name, title address and telephone number of the individual(s) with authority to contractually bind the company and the person who may be contacted during the period of proposal evaluation for the purpose of clarifying submitted information
  2. Signed statement stating that proposal is made without collusion with any person, firm, or corporation associated with officials or staff of the City of Macedonia.
  3. The firm awarded this contract must provide a current Certificate of Insurance at the commencement of work, with the following requirements submitting proposals must obtain and maintain liability insurance as follows:

a. Commercial General Liability with a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate

b. Automobile Liability with a combined single limit of $1,000,000

c. Worker’s Compensation and Employer’s Liability as required by the State of Ohio

d. Professional Liability (errors and omissions coverage) with a minimum of $1,000,000 per claim/ $5,000,000 annual aggregate. Professional consultants to maintain separate professional liability insurance of $1,000,000 per claim/annual aggregate.

  1. The Firm has not either directly or indirectly entered into any agreement, participated in any collusion, or otherwise taken any action in restraint of free competitive bidding in connection with this contract.
  2. The proposal will be valid of minimum of ninety (90) days from the date of submission.

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