Summit County Executive’s Statement on Activation of Emergency Operations Center


In response to federal, state and local emergency declarations, the Summit County Executive has requested activation of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) to help support our public health officials and first responders. Based on guidance from the Ohio Emergency Management Agency, the Summit County EOC is currently activated in a virtual environment. This means that the Summit County Emergency Management Agency (SCEMA) and its preparedness partners can share and request information in a manner which promotes safe public health practices, by minimizing a physical presence and maximizing our ability to provide and coordinate information. Activities are limited to assisting with planning, preparedness, assessment and monitoring activities, as well as coordinating resource requests.

Currently, we are not requesting any personnel resources or stakeholders to participate in operations and will rely on SCEMA staff during normal business hours. For any needs outside of those hours, personnel can be paged through the Sheriff’s Office 24/7. Finally, SCEMA staff are utilizing WebEOC to document any important updates.

We encourage all first responders or other individuals working on the COVID-19 response to log all activities, including time dedicated to COVID-19 operations. This time should be detailed identifying regular working hours and over time separately. In addition, please record any expenditures related specifically to COVID-19 assessment, monitoring and response. Ideally this information should be reported and maintained on an ICS Form 214, Activity Log.,%20act ivity%20log%20(v3).pdf.


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